Sunday, May 31, 2009


So a couple of days ago my sweet, ch ildhood friend Sandi called and asked if I would like to join her on an all expense paid trip with her work crew. I have to tell her I would call her back while I mention it to Jeremy since the last time Sandi and I went out with our out of town friend Julie it turned out to be a really wild ride. I wasn't sure he was going to be so happy about me hitting the town with Sandi again anytime soon. It was really funny when he said "well, Julie's not in town so go and have fun".

This was not long after we got off the freeway. There was a darn hottub in the back of this thing!

We all met at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Kodak Theater for dinner. This was on our walk out to find the car. Of course I was thinking of Sage and Steele cause they want to see that new movie, Up.

They would have just loved these two!

Mann's Chinese Theater. There was a Movie premier for Land of the Lost at the same time as we were there. We did see a couple of movie stars but I couldn't tell you their names. I just can't believe people act like they don't put their pants on one leg at a time too. It was neat but not screaming crazy neat.

Now THIS was NEAT! The Pantages Theater.............ahhhhhh. What a cool place. You should have seen the inside of the theater! Sandi's boss treated everybody to see the Dirty Dancing show. I had never been to a show before, ever. I didn't know what to expect and actually was hoping I would not be bored! I was just thrilled to be out of the house, getting a break from the kids. And tickled silly that Sandi chose me to take along. I can't believe for a second I thought I might be bored. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! And I had never even seen the movie! The whole experience was so cool! The dancing, the props, the music, WOW! Even getting to see Hollyweird in the dark! We even had to dive into a store because some strange man was following us. We had a really great time!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My beautiful morning

This is near the back side of the house. The hollyhocks are blooming as well as everything else.

I was watering my new berries this morning and boy was it beautiful, first a hummingbird landed in the tree near me. Then I look up and see this guy.

Then there was this little surprise...............Farmer's Market here I come!

My pomegranetes will be extra yummy this year!

Thank you beautiful butterfly! Can you see the blue on his wings?!

Friday, May 29, 2009


So I may have mentioned somewhere along the line that
since Jeremy is hurt and cannot ride the outside horses, I get to. Well, me or Paul. Jeremy sits in a chair by the roundpen or tells me what he thinks as I ride out. I have gotten so darn lucky with the couple I have gotten to ride! This is Tica and she is a dream. She was originally started by Jeremy a couple of years ago and came back just for a little brush up with hill work. She was starting to get confused with how to arrange her body going downhill. This picture was taken a week or so ago (I don't know why I look so pissed off, I think just thinking too hard) but today we had the most beautiful ride. When I say beautiful, I mean in every way. Her mind was with me completely, the tools we had been working on together to help her arrange herself down the hills were totally there, we had FUN, and the weather was perfect. It was so awesome to have such a wonderful ride. Maybe me and my Poco will get to have some rides like that soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Meet the headless creature that Paul darn near was standing on this evening. Thank God he did not get bit but it very well could have been the same one that got Zip, his dog a few nights ago.

This was killing me Larry! His face was hee-larious! Him and Sage were watching him skin it on the back of his truck.

He was trying to explain the whole thing to me. Oh man, I should have taken video instead of pictures!

Smile my sweet little guy!!!

Oh yeah and you too! Paul was pretty proud of him. He had 12 buttons on his rattle. I told him we should have left the snake laying on the lawn and sent the kids out to play and see how many times they danced over it before seeing it. This time of year is so scary. Poor Jeremy was upstairs in bed trying not to die. About lunch time he started feeling pretty sick and he is lying downstairs close to the bathroom still. I am sure hoping it is food posioning and not a bug. That is all we need is to all get sick.............ugh.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paul the Ranchelor

So I get to play a tiny bit of matchmaker...........or matchhelper

..............or something like that. Anyway, he is a good sport and is letting me be obnoxious.

Our good friend Paul has been here helping us for the past few weeks out of the kindness of his heart. He sure would like to find "Miss Right" and so I am having alittle fun with it here on my blog. This is going to be short and sweet this time since I haven't been able to do my question and answer session with him yet. His poor dog, Zip got bit by a rattlesnake last night so we have all been focused on taking care of the poor guy. But, I do have this so far. His one requirement is that she be willing to live the ranch lifestyle even if that means living with him in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Feel free to send me your questions for him!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ranchelor

The first installment of the Ranchelor coming soon! They are off hauling horses today.

Saturday in Old Agoura

Sage, her new friend Emily and Steele. They spent quite a long time braiding sweet Farley's mane and tail. I am pretty sure he loved it.

This is the class on Saturday morning working on some groundwork. We had to limit the classes to five people only each day so it was a good opportunity for Jeremy to be more personal.

What the kids were up to. Steele was so sweet opening the gate for them. Not that Emily couldn't get it done on her own, from his back. They were really cute together.

Jeremy explaining something. Did you all notice he doesn't have his arm in the brace?! That is it hanging off his arm on the back. Ummmm HELLO!

A husband and wife team.

Some more pics

This is why kids' horses are so darn good. They just use them and expect them to do what they want. These two must have been on and off this horse a hundred times, and that was only the first day!

Blah blah blah blah...........sorry I couldn't resist heckling the teacher.
It is just my nature.

Jeremy riding Doney. All I kept hearing all weekend was how he really likes this horse.
Where have I heard that before?!?!

She is a really nice horse. And I can't say she is bad to look at either!

Doney and Tex

Miss Doney again.........

This is Mary and her boy Tex. He is sort of how we came to meet Mary.
Jeremy started him under saddle awhile back. It is so nice to see him being used now.

She also so sweetly put this clinic weekend together for us. Thank you so much
for helping keep us afloat! We had a great time!

I wish I could have heard the conversation..........
I am sure it went something like this
Jeremy: "my horse is prettier"
Mary: "No! my horse is!"
Yes, I am pretty sure that is what they were saying!

Farley the Icelandic horse

This was Sunday, these two weren't gonna let ol Farley rest were they?!

Follow the leader.......

I think this is the first time Sage has ridden bareback on a horse. She has rode Squeakers all over but I was pretty proud of her form on this guy. I pretty much just gave her her helmet and watched from afar. Emily was a good girl, you could tell right off she was sensible and so I didn't worry about her judgement. She kept Sage in line.

Just a picture I liked. He just melts into whatever horse he is on. It is amazing to me. Don't tell him I said that. He'll get a big fat head............that reminds me of the movie Walk the Line. When Reese Witherspoon says to Joaquin Pheonix "Why don't you go ask your big fat shadow?"

I have a million pictures like this, these girls and this horse were killing me!
Steele rode his bike most of the time and fed peanuts to the crows.

Sunday in Agoura

This is the only picture of what was going on in the arena on Sunday........the things that were going on outside the arena were much too cute.

Jeremy getting his horse ready before the clinic.

Oh yeah, I did take another during the clinic, but I am sorry it wasn't of the class.....

These rascals were killing me. Did I mention that Farley also drives? Well, of course he does! I heard about how we need a cart all the way home. And this morning she wants to go out and work with Chico to get him ready to drive.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Badger the wonder mustang

Don't they look happy?! They sure are having fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Ranchelor

So if Pioneer Woman can do it so can I!
This is Paul's pad while he is here. This morning we worked on getting him running water. Imagine that, the poor guy not having running water. It just shows what a great guy he is to put up with that! Jeremy and Lisle were in the background and Sage and Paul were checking out the cactus flower. There used to be a house on the pad where the trailer now sits but it burned years ago in one of the fires.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is Badger and his proud owner, Lisle. They are going to make a wonderful team.

He is by far one of the neatest horses ever.

This is their first ride out in the arena together and his first ride in the bosal. He has just been in the halter til today. He handled everything great.

They did have to put spurs to use since he was more than happy to not move forward and was starting to think about pushing the issue more than he should have.

I am completely honored that I got to be part of his training. I sure have gotten to ride a couple really neat horses lately. Or course all of them have been started by Jeremy and then I came into the picture but I think I like riding his horses! Don't tell him!
Happy Trails to you and Badger, Lisle!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The boss and other pics........

Here is the boss. Go ahead and try to keep him off a horse. And take the rope from his hands.........I'll stand and watch. Let me know when you got it done! Please wish me luck keeping him down after his surgery. UGH!

I just thought this was a pretty picture. I took this on Saturday while we had the cattle in the pen. They were roping and goofing off. The mares were in the background napping. At the bottom right of the picture is Paul's wild mare. Her baby is probably sleeping at her feet.

This handsome little horse is Badger, he is the coolest horse on the planet. I got the pleasure of riding him after Jeremy got hurt and now his owner is here to spend the week working with Jeremy and the horse together so he can continue his journey with him at home.

This was his first experience with cattle. He is so cool and confident. I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with him. I don't feel lucky for Jeremy to have gotten hurt but at least this time we have Paul here and the horses are better to work with!

The colors............ahhhhh the colors!