Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa is a bad mistress......

So a couple days ago Jeremy, the kids and I got a rare trip to town together thanks to all the rain. We almost always start a trip to town with stopping at the post office. Jeremy came out with a package and the mail. I did'nt think anything of it since I had been doing a bit of shopping on ebay. So he says what did you expect in the package? To which I say "oh I don't remember probably a shirt I bought on ebay." and he says "well why does it have my name on it? And why is a shirt so heavy?" So then I start paying a bit more attention. I tell him well heck I don't know, who is it from? We didn't recognize the name so he decided to open it.
Good think it wasn't explosive the way we were ripping it open. Looking back I sure wish someone had planted a camera in the car and we had it videoed. As he started pulling stuff out of the box he is saying "OH MY GOSH!!!" And I am driving down the freeway yelling "What is it?!?!" He is insisiting I must have had something to do with it. He is just sure I at least know something about it.
Turns out this little mistress is a Hansen String Cutter sent by none other than someone named "Santa". Still ripping things out of the box and swerving to, as Jeremy put it "rudely rip the card out of his hand" that is who signed the card. That's all we know. Santa.
Sooooooo Santa are you ever going to reveal yourself?! Such a wonderfully generous and thoughtful gift we sure would love to be able to at least say Thank You!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here's for Zach and Ana!

What is a trip to Knott's without an old west pic?!
How should I do this? clockwise starting at the top;
January (the other tech), Jeremy, Dr. Byerly, wait how do you do clockwise if there is another row......crap. Anyhow below Dr. B is his wife Andrea, all around her are their boys, Steele is in the middle on the bottom, I am below Jeremy, Sage is to my left and the other little girl is January's daughter. What a great group. We all had the best time!
This is what we do to our kids in our spare time! It was so funny, the next day we asked him which was his favorite ride and this was it. He keeps telling everyone he only made that face for the picture! So funny!

Knott's Berry Farm

We had talked about going to Knott's for Steele's bday and then decided not to since the stagecoach and the steam train was not running during that time.

Then the vet that I work for said we were doing a Knott's trip. Sort of a Merry Christmas to us trip. We were all over it!

The little turds, I had to threaten to leave if they did not get over there and give me a picture of them with Snoopy. I mean really, is it a trip to Knott's without one?! Snoopy was so cool, he tickled them when they tried to walk away. Take that suckers!

You know my favorite ride was the stagecoach! Steele and I rode on top while everyone else rode inside. The little girl next to him talked his ear off. It was so cute, you could tell it embarassed him but he was polite to her. I think he thought she was cute!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stage coach. Made me miss Denzel Cameron too.
He was a horse trainer for the movies that I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years with.
Steele carries his name as his middle name.
Steele, of course loved all the trains and the Calico Mine was no exception.
Sage on the other hand rode the whole way on the floor of our train car! She was so scared. It wasn't even a thrill ride, she just did'nt like the dark. Poor girlie.
This is the same girl that rode the Pony Express ride while I chickened out and watched.
Steele and I on the bumper cars. Poor Steelie was so upset because everyone else was going on a water ride that he was not tall enough to go on. So we went and took it out on the bumper cars!

He loved the carousel, but watched it go around while we were waiting in line to carefully select the one that did not go up and down. He is so funny.

One of the things I wanted to do was see the glass blowing. There are so many things that are a dying art and I was so happy to see they were still making these things by hand and not buying them in Tiawan or somewhere like that.
We had the best time and I have a few more pics to share and stories to tell about them.
Since I haven't been to good about updating this thing I will have to give you a couple posts today. Specially since we are all grounded to the livingroom today with a sick girlie.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pickin Apples

We had to run errands today and Jeremy came along since it was raining buckets at home. And he needed to see the chiropractor again......

I have always wanted to stop at this cute little place and pick apples but never had the time.
Today we made the time. It was so fun. My kiddos are adorable. I love how they are game for anything. Jeremy and I wanted to ones on the ground for the cows and goats!

My little rascals. They just don't come any cuter. Of course I am bias.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing with the scanner.

I was looking for something yesterday and came upon a bunch of pics I thought were neat. In looking at this one I think, looking at the tire tracks and the look on Jeremy's face, I must have driven through the gate and then wanted to get a pic so I backed up and made him close the gate. Aren't I sweet? I am sure I had the heater on in the car.....

This is a couple of friends of ours at one of our brandings. Mike Bromley is standing. He is a blacksmith in the area and a darn good one too. On his horse is Freddie and his horse Brutis.

And this my good friend Angie and her stud Heck. We have a baby of his that no one fails to notice when they are here at the ranch.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A lazy Sunday.

This wasn't actually this Sunday. I think it was a couple of Sundays ago. It was a beautiful day and we all got to just laze around and do whatever we wanted with our time.

My handsome little man. Doing what he does best. Digging in the dirt and playing with his tractors. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

This is what I found Jeremy doing. I think it was right before I called him a sissy and told him to get naked and get in with her.

He took me serious and did it!!! This is all I will show of the pics though!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prissy Poopie

So I have a story to tell. Well, I have alot of stories lately just no time to write them. Our trip to Alturas was a much needed getaway for us. We had a wonderful trusted friend to watch the place and we were able to be carefree about leaving the ranch. Of course our truck was another story. We had great friends here with us from Sweden that traveled with us. We finally got to meet Martin's family and Sage and Ida were almost instant friends. In fact she rode in their car all the way to Alturas. It was a pretty easy drive for us with just Steele with us in the truck. Well, easy is a relative term. It would have been easy if it were for the truck overheating and the tires on the trailer blowing out. We broke up the drive in two days since we were hauling horses and kids.......not to mention we have a great friend that lives halfway between here and there. Mary always rolls out the red carpet for us and this time was no exception. We all had a wonderful meal (my favorite, pizza!), great company and comfy beds.

Friday we moved on to Alturas and thankfully got there relatively uneventfully. We were able to set up camp at the fairgrounds and get the horses settled in. I thought I was so smart thinking we could just camp at the fairgrounds. I mean afterall it is summertime. I wasn't able to pack many blanket since there wasn't much room left in the truck. We had bought a real nice air mattress on the way up there for Jeremy and I and we pitched the tent for the kids. The kids had all their blankets and pillows and were all snug but let me tell you I froze my butt off! I had given up and gotten in the truck about 3am. Saturday we had our turn out roping and as I should have known I got nervous and blew it. We still had a good time though. Annelie, Martin's wife was just the greatest help ever with my two rascals while I was off riding and making my attempt at roping. I swear, I am surprised I didn't embarrass myself when it came time for them to go home by hanging off of her leg to keep her here. Saturday night we all went to the local basque restaurant for dinner and it was very good! Martin and Annelie brought us their blankets from the hotel room so we didn't freeze and it was a much better night than Friday had been. Sunday Jeremy was entered in the stock horse and considering his horse Flash, a colt of ours,that was bred, born and raised on our ranch, had never ran anything down a fence much less circled a cow before, he did remarkable well. His mother was a TB mare of mine and so needless to say he can be a little "hot". So when we didn't have to go to the emergency room so I was very happy. I have to say my heart was pounding watching the whole thing. Jeremy also had the cut and rope event to rope in Sunday. I could not wait for the end of the day as I needed a shower and a good nights sleep very badly. We had planned to get a hotel room and get a good nights rest Sunday so we could head home Monday. As Jeremy was visiting with one of his team members, Destry Campbell, he said he had turned his garage into a bunkhouse and that we would be welcome to it. I was concerned about the horses since we had Cody, our stud with us and thankfully he said it wouldn't be a problem. So it was settled, and I was very relieved to know I would get a shower and a restful nights sleep. We also had two of our five dogs with us. Priss of course and Kate the wonder pup. They for the most part were staying in the trailer and Priss was not very happy about it. She is my little diva dog you know. So we got the horses settled in and then got our things hauled into the very cute bunkhouse. Let me just say how stinking tired I was by this time. We had taken ourselves to a very yummy mexican food dinner and I was very much looking forward to showering and getting the kids clean. I caved and let Priss into the bunkhouse, just while were showering I thought to myself and then I will put her back out in the trailer. The kids were equally as tired I think. Sage had cried herself silly (and seeing her sad and crying I was as well) having to say goodbye to her new friend. It was the sweetest thing really. So we got them settled in and Jeremy and I stumbled in to check out the little bedroom where we were going to sleep. It was the cutest thing and the bed was the fluffiest bed I think I have ever seen. I was just going to lay down for a sec and next thing I knew Sage was tapping on my foot telling me something was wrong with Steele's foot. Normally I hear every sound in the night specially the kids making any kind of noise. And most certainly when we are in a different place than home. Not to mention it was dark as dark could be. Apparently Sage had carried Steele into the bedroom and set him in the big, beautiful, fluffy chair that was next to the bed. I, in my horror of not hearing the kids even wake up much less hearing them come into the room being as tired as I was, lept out of bed and went to rubbing Steele's foot, trying desperately to get my witts about me. All at the same time I was trying to figure out why my sweet little baby boy that I put to bed clean has a wet, slimy, grainy foot. About this time I hear Sage say to me "I think Priss pooped".........Aren't you glad your not me about now?! All I could do is walk away to the bathroom and tell the kids not to move a muscle. I stumbled to the bathroom trying not to touch anything and hoping like heck not to step in anything in the darkness. Thankfully I made it and got washed up, got the kids washed up. Somehow got the floor to exactly the state it was before my mangy, purse puppy had assaulted it. I was mortified I had let my dog into someone else's place without even asking and she had been off her normal schedule so I really should have known better but I was so darn tired.......
Sooooooo anyhow, that is why I now call her Prissy just isn't always a glamorous life for me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild ponies

well, these three aren't wild.....

now these kiddos don't know how lucky they are.

Alturas Vaquero Fiesta 2010

Our camp ;)

Morning Meeting....

Jeremy's team members, Destry Campbell and Weston Albrecht.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some weekend fun.

Friday night we all headed down to the local arena to teampen. I have mixed feelings about teampenning but if you keep your head and don't blow up your horse trying to get a good time it can still be fun. We like to visit with good friends and watch the kids ride. They have to share Chico but one day before too long I can see Sage taking over my Poco. She is getting to be pretty handy.
Yesterday we had friends over to work with their horse with Jeremy. This is how the kids occupy themselves. Pretty cute little swamp monsters. It was almost too cold to get in.

Here is Jeremy and Flash & Ron and his mare Corona. Jeremy has been really working hard at helping Corona see a better way. Yesterday I think all the good colors were showing. I sure hope she keeps it up. Ron did an awesome job on her yesterday.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It starting to get to where if I am bored, something is bound to either go wrong or crazy around here.
Yesterday started like any other. We had a client coming out for lessons. I had given her the combo to the lock box so that she could let herself in.
Jeremy was out riding and the kids and I were in the house doing regular stuff when I get a phone call from the client saying she is putting the combo in the lock box but it won't open. I say "no problem, I'll be down in a sec and let you in."
I get down to the gate and take a look at the lock box and see that someone has tried to break it open (again) to steal the keys. It was hard to tell but I could see the marks from a screw driver or something that they used to try and pry it open. It was jammed and you couldn't even open it with the combo. So I let her in and come back to the house, called the sheriff to make a report about it. I had decided I was going to try and have a quiet day in the house since the wind was howling for the third day in a row. I had drug out a box with old pictures in it and wanted nothing more than to sit on the kitchen floor with the kids looking at old pictures.
Then the phone rang. It was the deputy. He was on the dirt road and asked me to drive down and meet him at the gate. So I throw on my shoes and toss the kids in the car along with Moose and head down to the gate. Steele stayed in the car while Sage and I started telling the deputy the story of what has been going on with the lock getting cut and the lock boxes getting broke into. Just filling him in on what all has been going on around here when he says to me "here comes a truck behind you" Sure enough, on the inside of the gate coming down, fully loaded down with stolen items off a ranch up the road were two "gentlemen" in a little white truck. The older man that was driving gets out of the truck and proceeds to tell us how he was coming from the ranch up the road and they didn't think it was a big deal and he can put the stuff back if we want them to. Can you believe that?!?! So I say to him "how did you get in here?" He pulls out a key and says he got his from his neighbors cousins brotherin law.......So I take the key from him and put it in my pocket. The keys were all numbered for just this reason. I figure I will check my list later and find out just how he got this key.
About this time I say to Sage "GET IN THE CAR NOW!" She heard my voice and got in the car and her and Steele sat down on the back seat and stayed there.
The deputy started questioning the guys while I waited. Trying my best to bite my tongue and not esculate the situation any. I did tell the scumbags that they should be ashamed of themselves and I didn't care if "everyone else is doing it too" that it still didn't make it right.
So the deputy says to the scumbags "I want you to turn this truck around and show me where you took this stuff and you are going to put it all back." He asked me to follow them back up the hill also. I had to open the gate for the deputy and lock it behind us so in the small amount of time that the guys turned their truck around and I closed the gate and walked back to my car they were already around the bend in the road. I walked back to my car and damn near stepped on the scumbag passengers crack pipe he had thrown out the window!!!! I couldn't believe it. Now I was really crapping bullets! I had left the house without even telling Jeremy were I was going figuring I would be right back and since I was meeting the sheriff I left my gun at home! It was crazy! So there I was holding the guys crack pipe (wrapped in a napkin) driving up the road following the cop who is following the robber through a canyon with no cell reception and I am thinking should I call the cops!!! Duh!!! And I am thinking how the hell am I going to tell the cop that the dirtbag threw his crack pipe out the window without the dirtbag knowing I have it.........
So I am giving the kids strict instructions that if I tell them to do something they need to DO IT! No asking me why Mom.......they just need to really listen and be good.
So I have Sage saying "cool MOM! We will."
Meanwhile poor Steele is saying "I wish I would have stayed hooooommmmmeeeee!"
So we get to a place where I can pull up next to the cop and get him to roll his window down and tell him what just happened and show it to him. He says okay just stay here. So I had the kids get on the floor of the back of the car until I felt it was safer. The cop speeds up and gets behind the guys who are now at the back gate of the property where they took the stuff. He pulls them all out of the car and pats them down and then cuffs the passenger guy and puts him in the back of the car. I look in the back seat and both kids and Moose are hunkered down on the floor of the car! It was hilarious now looking back on it. Even the dog on the floor! I told them they could get up and see if they wanted once the guy was cuffed. Of course I had to take a picture even though I didn't have the memory card for my camera and could only take a few. So they go back and put the stuff back whole I wait. Then he radioed the station to have them meet him at the pavement with another deputy and a tow truck. I drove them down and let them all out the gate and he had the driver drive the truck down and then he arrested him at the pavement and towed the truck. I was so darn happy to catch these guys. I am pretty sure there are more involved though so we are staying on alert and making sure we have protection on us at all times.
Couldn't have been better timing though!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Picking up the cow.

This morning we had to run over to Neenach to pick up a cow of ours that had gotten mixed up with Centennials cows. I got to see Priss' sister. Isn't she cute?!

It was pretty chilly still. I can't believe it is almost June.

Kids in the loading dock. Rascals.

We drove that cow up the pasture and set her out with her pals and on the way home killed this guy. Second Mojave Green in two days. I hate snakes. Priss almost got it yesterday.......