Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trespassing meeting

In our efforts to keep the trespassing buttholes out of our land I had to attend another waste of time meeting of all of the state, county and whatever else they were officials to try and rid the illegal offroaders on the PCT and surrounds areas. The sheriffs keeps crying budget cuts, blah blah blah. So I think this states my position. In case you can't read it, it says.
"Prayer is the best way to meet the Lord, Trespassing is faster"
I love it! I also have another one in mind.
"If you can read this you are in range"
Buttheads, their mammas should have spanked them more, maybe then they would have some respect. Hopefully my life will get back to some sort of bore and I can catch up with all the stuff I am behind. Wish me luck for a nice boring day, please!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


So tonight we are laying around trying to stay cool. We had just gotten home from Agoura Hills where Jeremy gave lessons all weekend. We stayed with our good friend Mary while we were there. She is so gracious to open her home to not only us but our two rascals and this time, my new pup, Priss. And she lets Jeremy use her best horses while he is giving lessons so we don't have to haul a trailer. She also spoils the kids when we come, buying their favorite goodies and giving them her undivided attention.
It is so great for Sage to get these visits as she lives in such an adult world. She gets to dream and plan and have it all her way like a little girl does. I am leading up to something I swear. Also living on the ranch we occasionally when we need money we take animals to the sale, cattle, goats, ect. Living in this adult world (as we also homeschool and work for ourselves for those of you that may not know) as she does she decided she wanted to be sold. I am not sure what exactly brought this on.
Could be all the talk about needing money for Jeremy's surgery.
Could be all the fun and attention away from her brother (I sure wish she got that opportunity more often) this weekend.
Could be that I plan to haul goats to the sale tomorrow to pay the hay bill.
Could be the grass in always greener.............
At any rate, I tried not to let it break my heart she was willing to sell herself AND she made a sign. In an effort to keep it light hearted I told her next time I get to name the price.
While all this was going on I had to tell her that while we were gone her ewe Harriet had died. She was old and with the heat, that is the only reason I could figure she died. Yes, she had shade, water, blah blah. That is just it, while I had a wonderful time away this weekend I couldn't wait to get back to our simple life on the ranch. I could micromanage it but it just is. She died, it is too late to fret over it. She was old and it was her time. Maybe that was the reason Sage wanted to sell herself and live in the city, who knows. I doubt it, she knows life and death all to well. I am afraid she is feeling the stress of "dad needs surgery"...............she is such a giver. God love her.
Then there is the boy who is completely oblivious and when he heard the sound of daddy starting the tractor all he could do is run in circles looking for his boots. "mommy could you put me on it?!" I knew what he was getting the tractor for and was reluctant to let him ride but it is what it is. So there Steele is sitting on the tractor while Jeremy loaded Harriet the ewe on the bucket of the tractor. I was helping with the gates and being as I was in my underwear with the heat I just tried to stay out of the way. Jeremy is a wretcher. If something stinks he will toss his cookies and for some unknown reason I think it is HILARIOUS! Well, Harriet had been dead for a little while apparently and nobody had noticed cause of where she was. She was pretty stinky. I hope none of you are eating your dinner! Anyhow, Jeremy is holding his breathe in an effort to not smell her, usually my mission is to try and make him talk and then he will catch a whiff of it. He knows this and all I did was look at him and he was doing his darnest to keep his eyes off me cause he knew.........when we hear Steele yelling at the top of his lungs
I taught him well.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A fun evening.

Why do I always get these looks?! Well, at least it was half a smile.
And he had better stop telling my new puppy she is the devil and we match perfectly!
I know where he sleeps.........
Say hello Paul!

Hey! My Sagie! Go get em girlie! And that handsome horse Jeremy is riding is Flash.
His mother is my TB mare that I rode in our wedding. And his daddy is my Cody.
He has turned out pretty darn nice, and is for sale since we need to get Jeremy surgery.

Some of the cattle came over the hill and put themselves in the pen so they wanted to get out and play tonight.

Meanwhile I was running eight different directions getting ready to be gone for the weekend. Jeremy is giving lessons in Agoura Hills Saturday and part of the day Sunday. I wish I had time to list all the things I was doing to be ready to leave a 630am but I am too tired to bother. I am sure you can imagine! We are looking forward to it though! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just love it when he wears his hat!

This face just kills me. And I have to sneak up like a thief in the night to get his picture, otherwise he hides his face and the shot is gone.

You would have thought he posed for this but I am sure not.
I love him anyway.

Huntin cows...

This evening I got to hear for about the hundredth time how we should have saddled horses from my little Sagie. We had to go look for some cows that were on Tejon land and shouldn't have been. We all ate dinner and after a long day we decided they might be far so we would drive the truck and find out where they were and then go back in the morning for them.........with the dang horses.
We brought along the dogs just in case we needed them. Kate is a very hard worker you know. These types of jobs must be taken very seriously you know.

Oh, and Zip was trying to look alive after Paul and Jeremy about killed the poor old man on a ride to check cows in another area yesterday.

This is what Priss was doing. Isn't she the darn cutest?! Laying on her back on my lap with her legs flopping with every bump. You can imagine the guys delight everytime I said "hey Paul" he would of course say "what?" And I would precede to remind him how cute Priss was. And then when I'd worn it out with him I would start in on Jeremy.
I am thinking I am pretty lucky I didn't wind up walking home looking back on it.

Nope, haven't seen em yet. Keep driving human.

COWS! But those aren't the ones we were after. Sorry Kate. You'r still a good dog!

Paul and the ugly yellow horse again

So today was the second ride.

Jeremy watching from the tack room.

Checking him out.

Looking good.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little, er Angel

My little man said he was going to take a nap while I was working on getting our taxes together. Yeah, yeah I know. We don't like to rush into anything around here. Back to my story, so while he was "napping" he wanted to look good so he applied my eyeliner. Is that what I look like to him when I put eyeliner on. Man, we live far from town!

Paul and Orro

So while I was in town helping rip out tile and carpet the guys had a little surprise to tell me about. A certain someone has taken a liking to this silly yellow horse. This is Paul and Orro's first ride! Looks like he handled it like a champ. Sorry about the crappy picture. I had the camera and Jeremy had to use the camera phone.


Why am I selling this horse again?!

Oh yeah, my stud needs surgery.........

I love her, it better be a good home.
Thank you so much for all your help, I think I will be taking a few more..........maybe.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here is my priss. I think something is changing about her.......

Can you tell what it is?

I think those cute little ears are going to stand up. I didn't think they were going to at first and didn't really care if they did or didn't. But now that they are starting to it is awfully cute.

And this picture...........can she get any sweeter? That is her favorite toy, a stuffed sheep. I had better get her a cow so she won't be confused from such a short standpoint later.


I need to take pictures at a better time of day or something. Why do they all look so washed out? Anyhow, I plan to try again tomorrow about 7am I think. I had fun though, getting to scratch all the horses and see them roll in the nice poopy place they like.
This pretty girl is Min, the mare Jeremy has rode at quite a bit of the clinics and anytime he has the kids on with him he rides her.
Here is what my Poco thought of my photo taking sessions. I put the cat on her back again but he (the cat) wasn't havin it this time.......

She was just so booooorrrreed with my antics.
That is her brother, Flash in the background.

Isn't he a handsome hunk? He is for sale too and darn nice in his own right.
He has more training on him and a bit bigger engine.

That is their little sis, Itchy and what she thought about me not taking her picture. She just plopped herself right down in the middle of everything so I had to get her in the picture.
What a brat!

More Poco pics

I think I am screwed and not supposed to sell this horse or something. I can't seem to get just the right picture. Swishing her tail at flies, standing in the shade.
Junk laying around, we need to clean up this yard darn it!

Just not enough color and the angle was not good.
She is gentle though!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

random thoughts and people's sayings

So for awhile now I have wanted to share with you all the random things that make us laugh or just make our mouths hang open around here.
The first one I can recall that started this inspiration was during a roping we had a few Sunday's back. My friend Christy (that I think I have known long enough I can give her crap about this) was leaving the roping pen and was going to ride her horse to the top of the property, says to me "can you tighten my cinch?" In my surprise I say to her "are you freaking serious? Do I look like your stable boy?!" To which she answers "no I am not kidding, my pants are too tight to get down!"
I politley told her I was for sure going to shame her all over the internet by morning.........right after I tightened her cinch for her.
Another funny thing that keeps flashing in my head is while I was watering the grass the other morning and Steele was stark naked. THe water must have blown and sprayed him when he yells at me and says "hey man! your getting my pecker wet!"
Imagine that!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I need help...........I am trying to sell this mare and I need a picture to advertise her.
I can't decide which one to use. I think I may just need to take some new ones........
I couldn't get rid off the other horses and she kept wanting to come to me. Argh!

My girl

This is what happens when I hand her the camera and tell her to take pictures of me and Priss......

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Priss pics

I have already taken 890,000 pictures of this sweet girlie!

This evening we were all out playing and I caught Jeremy and Paul playing on the swing. The brats heard me coming with the camera and tried to pretend they weren't doing anything.

How do you like Moose's racing stripe, courtesy of sweet Sage.........
This is my german shepherd girl, Donia. Isn't she perty?

Guess what I got?!

Ever hear of a Borgie?

This is my new baby. She is just over 8 weeks. I call her Priss. Her mother was Corgie and her daddy was a Border Collie. I think she will get ahold!
Have you ever seen anything cuter?!?!?

She loves the kids........I think she is nuts!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horses on our side of the hill

We were heading over the hill when we saw the small group of horses on our side of the mountain. Our place is just about dead center in the top picture. The house is down in the canyon just about at the top of the tree in the middle of the picture.

They didn't stay long and headed off as soon as I got my pictures. It is alway interesting to watch the herd. The lead mare will almost always the one to lead them off and the stud will keep himself in between us and the herd.

Heading to the Farmer's Market in Tehachapi

This goofy guy was dancing to Stayin Alive at one of the gates and darn it and I couldn't get the camera on fast enough! This was the tail end of it.

Then I shamed him into going and picking me berries off these wild plants that turned out to not really be berries after all.

In case you didn't already know it, we drove to Tehachapi over the mountain and through Oak Creek Canyon. It is all private property but we have all the property owners permission to pass through. This is the big meadow and alot of the horses grazing. In the midst of all this beauty I have Sage bitching in the back seat. Something about "this is boring, we see the horses
a l l t h e t i m e" This kid doesn't realize how cool she has it!

The guys checking out the horses close up. I swear I needed to stick a sign on each one of them stating which one is available and which one is not. All the chicks were checking them out at the Farmer's Market. It was pretty funny. Reminds me of the time we all went out to dinner and Paul was pointing out girls telling me which ones he liked which ones he thought had too much make-up, ect. When Jeremy pipes up and says "this is real nice, we are out to dinner and my wife and my ranch hand are checking out women!" It was pretty funny! Oh and all you girls had better stop acting so darn shy and inquire about this guy if you want a genuine good man.