Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa is a bad mistress......

So a couple days ago Jeremy, the kids and I got a rare trip to town together thanks to all the rain. We almost always start a trip to town with stopping at the post office. Jeremy came out with a package and the mail. I did'nt think anything of it since I had been doing a bit of shopping on ebay. So he says what did you expect in the package? To which I say "oh I don't remember probably a shirt I bought on ebay." and he says "well why does it have my name on it? And why is a shirt so heavy?" So then I start paying a bit more attention. I tell him well heck I don't know, who is it from? We didn't recognize the name so he decided to open it.
Good think it wasn't explosive the way we were ripping it open. Looking back I sure wish someone had planted a camera in the car and we had it videoed. As he started pulling stuff out of the box he is saying "OH MY GOSH!!!" And I am driving down the freeway yelling "What is it?!?!" He is insisiting I must have had something to do with it. He is just sure I at least know something about it.
Turns out this little mistress is a Hansen String Cutter sent by none other than someone named "Santa". Still ripping things out of the box and swerving to, as Jeremy put it "rudely rip the card out of his hand" that is who signed the card. That's all we know. Santa.
Sooooooo Santa are you ever going to reveal yourself?! Such a wonderfully generous and thoughtful gift we sure would love to be able to at least say Thank You!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here's for Zach and Ana!

What is a trip to Knott's without an old west pic?!
How should I do this? clockwise starting at the top;
January (the other tech), Jeremy, Dr. Byerly, wait how do you do clockwise if there is another row......crap. Anyhow below Dr. B is his wife Andrea, all around her are their boys, Steele is in the middle on the bottom, I am below Jeremy, Sage is to my left and the other little girl is January's daughter. What a great group. We all had the best time!
This is what we do to our kids in our spare time! It was so funny, the next day we asked him which was his favorite ride and this was it. He keeps telling everyone he only made that face for the picture! So funny!

Knott's Berry Farm

We had talked about going to Knott's for Steele's bday and then decided not to since the stagecoach and the steam train was not running during that time.

Then the vet that I work for said we were doing a Knott's trip. Sort of a Merry Christmas to us trip. We were all over it!

The little turds, I had to threaten to leave if they did not get over there and give me a picture of them with Snoopy. I mean really, is it a trip to Knott's without one?! Snoopy was so cool, he tickled them when they tried to walk away. Take that suckers!

You know my favorite ride was the stagecoach! Steele and I rode on top while everyone else rode inside. The little girl next to him talked his ear off. It was so cute, you could tell it embarassed him but he was polite to her. I think he thought she was cute!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stage coach. Made me miss Denzel Cameron too.
He was a horse trainer for the movies that I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years with.
Steele carries his name as his middle name.
Steele, of course loved all the trains and the Calico Mine was no exception.
Sage on the other hand rode the whole way on the floor of our train car! She was so scared. It wasn't even a thrill ride, she just did'nt like the dark. Poor girlie.
This is the same girl that rode the Pony Express ride while I chickened out and watched.
Steele and I on the bumper cars. Poor Steelie was so upset because everyone else was going on a water ride that he was not tall enough to go on. So we went and took it out on the bumper cars!

He loved the carousel, but watched it go around while we were waiting in line to carefully select the one that did not go up and down. He is so funny.

One of the things I wanted to do was see the glass blowing. There are so many things that are a dying art and I was so happy to see they were still making these things by hand and not buying them in Tiawan or somewhere like that.
We had the best time and I have a few more pics to share and stories to tell about them.
Since I haven't been to good about updating this thing I will have to give you a couple posts today. Specially since we are all grounded to the livingroom today with a sick girlie.
Stay tuned!