Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some weekend fun.

Friday night we all headed down to the local arena to teampen. I have mixed feelings about teampenning but if you keep your head and don't blow up your horse trying to get a good time it can still be fun. We like to visit with good friends and watch the kids ride. They have to share Chico but one day before too long I can see Sage taking over my Poco. She is getting to be pretty handy.
Yesterday we had friends over to work with their horse with Jeremy. This is how the kids occupy themselves. Pretty cute little swamp monsters. It was almost too cold to get in.

Here is Jeremy and Flash & Ron and his mare Corona. Jeremy has been really working hard at helping Corona see a better way. Yesterday I think all the good colors were showing. I sure hope she keeps it up. Ron did an awesome job on her yesterday.