Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Intro to Ranch Roping Part......

Cattle/Intro to Ranch Roping Clinic

Lessons in Palmdale

Last week was one of the busiest weeks we have had. It was one thing after another. Good things but it sure kept us busy. Tuesday I attended a meeting with United States Forest Service Law Enforcement, BLM Rangers, Cal State Parks, Kern County Sheriff offroad team. They have been getting together for a year now and I think we are finally gonna kick some but. I will post pics of the convoy in another post.
This is Dr. Byerly's horse. Jeremy rode him during his lessons on Thursday. He was a pretty good boy. Our friend Margaret rode her paint mare pictured above. I brought Andy along hoping to find him a great home. We brought home a big red dun horse that I hope to be able to sell. He is supposed to be real good about most everything just has gotten pushy. He hasn't seemed too bad so far. Tomorrow Jeremy will get to check him out better.
This beautiful pony is sired by my handsome Cody. It was so fun to watch them play. Steele was helping too. I always wish I had gotten more pics but I spent most of the day running here or there doing...........well I am not quite sure what I was doing except mostly it included "what Sage?" or "what Steele?"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Glance at life on the Broken Arrow

I realize I have been terribly neglectful of this peaceful little blog lately. I know I have said it before..........I just haven't had a shred on a minute to update all the fun stuff we get to do around here. So in a nutshell you get it in pictures. We are so excited about all the new calves this year. It will be our biggest branding ever. We are so darn excited. To see the meger 8 we started with in 2002 to just takes my breath away we are able to continue to prosper to this.

Of course don't get me wrong....... It hasn't come without the blood, sweat and tears along the way. It isn't an easy life but I have come to love it and couldn't see it any other way now.
And you can't go anywhere without being armed. It's getting to be a little bit of the wild west with the unlawful activity we have been seeing. My girl still has time to pick and smell the fresh new wildflowers.

What can get any better than this sight?! That cow is one we call "Horny" she is dang mean when she has a new calf. She is one of the original "eight". We keep her around because she is so hooky when she has a new calf. It keeps everyone honest.......

Ahhhh and this bunch of punks. They are thoroughly enjoying the green grass and keep venturing farther and farther away. The other morning we had a roping and we awoke to see all of our good saddle horses were gone! So Jeremy gathered on Ojos (who is a good saddle horse too) and I drove the car up the mountain to run this bunch of brats home.
Hope you all enjoyed the visual tour. I will try try try to be more regular!
Another fun new development around here is I have decided to try and have my family not consume anything we have not grown, produced or made this summer.
Wish us luck, it is a tall order but I think I may have already found my milk cow and my non hydrid seeds are in the mail!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is getting me.......

If you ever need to find anything around this house you look first under Steele's pillow. I was pleased to see that his rope ranked up there with the rest of the stuff he has pilfered. The funniest one was the "no dirtbikers" that was hard!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Trip to Bishop!!!

My rascals and I took a roadtrip today. They were the best rascals and I am a tired girl.
More to come..........

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work Party

We had a work party out here in our area today. We have a huge problem with the dirtbikers cutting fences and making paths where ever they please. Then that leads to others coming in where the fence is down and scouting the place out, doing other things they shouldn't..............
So today we all got together and had a work party to repair the fence and put up new no trespassing signs. I was so excited to see everyone come together and kick it in the butt. Some people drove hours to come out and do their part. It was so awesome to have everyone's support and take care of the place. Thanks so much everyone if you are reading this!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The happenings

I can't believe how darn busy I have been lately. Last Sunday we all had a wonderfully beautiful day together to do whatever we pleased without having to do anything. It was great. I had the front door open and the birds were singing. I watched movies and did little odds and ends. Jeremy cut strips of leather for another project and the kids tortured Squeakers the mini horse. I was giving Jeremy a hair cut when I looked out the back window of the house to see them. I love this picture because if you look on the hillside behind the kids you can see our other horses grazing. The peacock below and one of the chickens. It was so funny all the animals were just hanging around the kids.......

This little turd is what else has been keeping us all hopping. We still have a lamb in the house. She is getting big and a pain in the butt! I just told Jeremy, we can't put her outside it is too cold! Hello!!! It is a damn sheep! It has wool! Whatever!

And my sweet girl Sage got a cool present from Nana. Doesn't she look so cute. Now I just need to find me a buckboard and some harness.......I have enough nags around here I could hook up.
You think I am joking!? I really do want to start gathering harness and get me a wagon.