Saturday, November 28, 2009

The mantle wall before and after

Okay so maybe not in that order. This blogger thing likes to remind me that it is smarter than I am. This is the after the wall paper was all torn down and cleaned up. Painted and all the pictures put back up. Me and my Sagie pie.

Isn't it interesting what is on the mantle? Oil lamp in case the generator won't start, which has happened. With my son's addiction to flash lights you would think we would have a bunch of them but good luck finding one if you need it.

This is what it looked like before I started, or about halfway through the job. Too bad you can't see the pictures closer. On the far left hanging on the wall is our stallion, Sonny Cody Canyon. The other hanging picture is our wedding photo from back in September 16th, 2000. Seems so long ago.........just below that is our family photo from about a year ago, to the left is Steele sitting in the saddle on our stud when he was six months old. He looked like it was taken in a studio, I love that picture. And the one to the left of that is from the Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2007. In the photo is our friends and practilly family Jim and Linda, Me and the kids and Jeremy on Ojos. That was a fun trip. Anyhow, it looks much better now don't you think?!
Next up the bathroom! I picked a paint color and I plan to pick it up tomorrow. I am so excited! I have wanted to make the bathroom a beautiful place forever now! That is the first place company wants to go you know!

I'm all about the child labor.....

You gotta love this right?! The little rascal. The best way to keep him out of trouble is to let him help. And I must say he is a big helper. Sage on the other hand...........she would be a help if you wanted to do it her way, but then that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it?!
I have been very busy lately with all kinds of projects. This is just one of them. See the old ugly wall paper? I have been needing to take the rest of it down for awhile now and to finish painting the living room. I will have to show the before and after in another post.
This was afterwards cleaning up our mess, it was quite a project spraying it with water and then peeling it off. We had wall paper everywhere. See the camo shirt he is wearing? A friend that has a cabin up on the mountain gave it to him and he is so proud of it. Cute little rascal.

Training horses.......

Here is at least one of the training horses right now. His name is Zen. He came out of a show barn and he is here for exposure and miles.

He belongs to the soap opera actress. Isn't he handsome?! He is such a sweet, sweet horse. He just needs to let down a bit and not fret so much. You can see it in his face here. He will get there.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My produce/hay ride wagon

Alot has been happening around here that has kept me from being able put up new posts............ gosh with the holidays things just go crazy! Awhile back I told my dad I wanted him to build me a wagon so I can start driving some of our horses. He is an ebay freak so he saw these two little wagon thingies and bought them real cheap. They were too small to make into a safe wagon for the horses so he transformed it into this. He painted it green, added the stake bed that he stained, and then painted the finishing touches with yellow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mom, why are you taking my picture?!

Because my sweet, handsome, baby boy, you are just too cute out there with your twactoz!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello working girl!!!

I am trying to come off my high.............I think I might have kinda sorta got a job tonight.............

I am pretty sure I went on an on the job involved wrestling a llama.

Sage woke up sniffling and sneezing two days ago. Poor girl told me she was getting sick. Jeremy and I have been popping vitamin C like crazy. We had a long and busy weekend. Saturday we had the clinic and then Sunday we had a new horse come in for training. Turns out the owner is an actress on a soap opera. How cool is that?! I am going to have to watch the Bold and Beautiful now. Today I had to run to town and pay some bills and pick up a few things. I had more to do but was running out of steam with two grumpy sick kids and guess who was starting to feel the familiar tickle in her throat? Ugh. So I got home after driving in the long way and looking in on the cows. I checked my phone messages and I had gotten a call from our vet to give him a call if it was within the hour of him calling. I hurry and call him back and he wants to know if I am still looking for work. Ummmmm YES!!! He asks me to meet him at his house in about an hour, he wanted my help wrestling a llama.

I feel like I aced the exam. I drove the truck without hitting anthing so he could eat his dinner, I successfully held the llama, I pulled up drugs without poking myself and I cleaned up and put things away. He said I did a good job and offered me a price per hour that I think I was too eager to accept.............

I don't know when I will get the next call because as of right now he is still trying to get his practice going so it will be sporatic, but I am just beside myself! Time will tell and I had a blast tonight.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Agua Dulce clinic pictures

We had a wonderful Horsemanship Clinic in Agua Dulce today. It was beautiful weather and the day went great. The funnest part of the day is to see the look in the horse's eyes at the end of the day. And the happiness in the owner's faces.

This is the morning working on some groundwork exercises. Jeremy has ahold of the great
Chili Beans helping the equally great Patti. She provided the awesome Subway sandwiches for lunch.
Jennifer is on the left and Kim on the right. Jennifer hosted the deal at her place. The place looked great Jennifer! Thanks a million!

This is Kristie Holiday and Sundance. Jeremy started him for her a few months back. He was named Uno while he was here cause he only has sight out of one eye. He gets along fine without it though. He is very trusting and Kristie is doing great helping him along.

This is Brigid and her mare Derby. Guess who her daddy is. Derby not Brigid, I wouldn't make you guess who Brigid's daddy is. Although I have heard he is a good man.
Derby's daddy is my Cody.

Speaking of Cody, this is Flash. Cody's son from the same year. Jeremy kinda likes him so I have heard.

Agua Dulce clinic continued...........

That is Bonnie and her big ol paint horse in the middle. He came a long way today.

Here is Buffy and her colt Lil Joe. I should have confirmed this but I think this was the most riding he has done so far. Please, feel free to set me straight Buffy. She worked on groundwork in the morning and then moved to the roundpen with him and did some riding then bravely joined us in the big arena. I thought they looked awesome together! And I couldn't get over the look in his eye at the end of the day. He will be doing some soaking the next few days!

I just loved this picture of Linda and her mare Shabba. They looked great today too.

Jeremy helping out Kristie.

Thank goodness Brigid reminded me to get this picture. This is a special picture to me because all of the horses pictured are Cody's babies from 2005. I know, I know I am bias but can you just believe the looks on their faces?! Everyone of them are the nicest horses. He makes some pretty nice minded colts even if they are just bays.........
Just in case you didn't know........
Poco and me on the left. Jeremy and Flash in the middle and Brigid and Derby on the right.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Sage has classes on Fridays in town. It is a fun day for me as I just get to hang out with the kids. I mean I still try to knock out a few errands while we are in town but mostly it is about them. Steele had wanted to go to school to but I just wasn't able to make it happen. So we drop Sage off at her classes and him and I take care of whatever we need to do. It is just plain fun time to hang out with him only. Him not having to share the stage with his sis and be able to have me all to himself. Today it was pretty cold and cloudy out so instead of going to the park or something outside the best I could come up with was McDonalds since they have a play area inside. He helped me clean out my purse and stole a handful of change to shove in his pockets and away he went playing on the slide. He has always been the one that didn't need to be constantly amused and could play by himself. I was just sitting drinking my coffee when one penny comes down the slide.........then another and another and then the whole bunch came clanging down the slide. You should have heard him giggling from the top. So it was getting toward the time when we all go back to the school for storytime. All of the family is welcome for storytime and it is also lunchtime. So Steele and I headed over to the grocery store to get out lunchables. This particular grocery store has those damn little carts that all kids love. I figured since it was just him I wouldn't have to worry about them getting into trouble racing. There we were walking along and all was fine and then sweet little man was behind me going a bit too fast when he ran clean into a parked cart that someone left in the isle. He must have not been watching where he was going cause when I heard it hit and looked back just in time to see his poor sweet little face ricochet off of the bar of the cart. He immediatley grabbed his face and went to screaming. The man that happened to be right next to him is in a panic asking if he is alright. I am telling you, people say the silliest things sometimes. How the heck would I know if he is alright yet????? When I could finally get a look at his face, the bridge of his nose was red so I knew where he had gotten it. It never bled which for Steele is a miracle. You can look at him wrong and it will bleed. So I felt so darn bad for him (and I was happy he was letting me hold him, which he usually doesn't do. he is a big boy you know!) I carried him the whole rest of the way through the store all the while pushing the cart. I just remembered about the two drunk men trying their best to pick me up. How freaking ridiculous is that. I couldn't even be flattered. Drunk, in the liqueor isle at 11am, trying to hit on the lady with the screaming kid...........what the?!?!?!? Anyhow, we got the lunch and headed over to meet sis for storytime. It thrills me to no end to see my kids make friends. Homeschooling we haven't gotten to have too much of making friends their age. Sage has no trouble making friends wherever she goes but it is cute to see her with kids her age. Sage and Steele always greet each other like they haven't seen one another in a week and Steele told Sage about getting hurt and she loves on him. Then they find a spot and sit together to eat their lunch and listen to the story. I just love days like this. They make me so proud. Oh and I told Jeremy I was gonna bust Steele in the nose from now on if that is what I have to do to get to hold him in my arms. Don't tell anyone umkay. People might get the wrong idea...............

Hansel and Gretel

I just realized all week has passed and I have not posted anything new. Life has been busy, and I can't even recall all I have been doing...........It hasn't been painting the bathroom, or the living room ceiling I can tell ya that much..........

A couple of days ago I was out in the front yard watching the kids play when my peacocks Hansel and Gretel came up to the house hunting for bugs. I ran to get my camera and take pictures of them cause I just love them so much and I can't believe the coyotes haven't gotten them. Then I hear the dogs coming up the driveway and I turn around to fine Jeremy on Tubby. Well, his name is not Tubby, but everything gets renames somehow after they come into training. His name is Chipawa I think. Oh Lordy, I just noticed the toilet in the front yard still..............ugh! I filled it with dirt and joked that I might as well give up and plant flowers in it as long as it will take for Jeremy to haul it off...........I think he has taken this too far. Possibly that he thought I was serious and I really wanted a toilet planter.........oh the fun.
Sit pretty! I don't know if one of them is actually a boy or not but I am still hopeful. Also one of them has brown wings and more green while the other one has the same color wings as the rest of it's body. Does anyone out there know about this stuff. Don't worry I won't throw them out on the street if one is not a boy. I just love em. They make me happy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Roping and Cattle work yesterday

Here is one of the highlights of my day. This big old beautiful mare belongs to Zusanna. She is TB/Friesan. Isn't she cute? This is her first time to work cattle. This was just before she made a jump and dive at them. I knew she would, she was ready!

Awwww, my Gator. I told ya he is always in the mix somewhere! We had just let the cattle out of the pen and we were heading them back over the hill.

Zusanna's sweet Mom came along and took all of these pictures. Thanks Zusanna's Mom!
It was nice to meet all of you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Letter

So I know I said it would be up this morning but I didn't take into account my childhood friend from Texas was here and we had dinner plans with another friend and I had to get up early for Sage's enrichment classes. So here I am getting it done since I plan to spend Saturday with the family only and not be on this darn computer. Not that I don't love it, it just takes so much time from other things I should be doing. So away goes the letter. I am kind of excited since I have found it I haven't read it. I knew what it was I just haven't read it.
Hello all! I wanted to take a few minutes to fill in everyone in on our past year since the "moving adventure"
As you all probably remember we moved onto a 160 acres homestead called The Broken Arrow Ranch. The house and land needed quite a bit of repair. We had planned to make the repairs and clean-up before the move but when a change in the neighborhood reared it's ugly head we packed up and headed out sooner than later.
Some would call us brave or crazy as moved in the dead of winter with 16 horses, 3 ponies, 4 dogs, 2 goats, 4 cats, and a handful of chickens. We had only a generator for power, no good source of heat, no running water and no refridgerator. We had four pregnant mares and no foaling stall. (the rain just wouldn't let up that first year. I swear if it wasn't raining it was snowing.) It seems like everytime Jeremy, Sage and I bundle up to head out and get some work done it either rained or snowed on us.
The very first night we were here Jeremy stoked up the small wood stove in the oven to try and keep us all warm. To our horror we woke up to the house full of smoke. The wall next to the stovepipe had caught fire. If it had not been for me waking up and the snowfall that night I think the whole house would have surely gone up in flames. Sage slept through the whole ordeal upstairs in our bed with the covers pulled up over her head.
Jeremy had a full load of training horses and had to continue even with all the weather and work that needed done around here. Trying to continue business with no landlines and limited cell service was pretty tough. (We didn't even have internet at the time.)
We celebrated Sage's 2nd Birthday here at the ranch.
By Febuary was had the big wood stove installed in the living room and it worked wonderfully! With all the downed trees we had plenty of fire wood. (even though our chainsaw was stolen during the move)
Come March we had gotten the water lines replaced (poor Jeremy only after I went to CO to pick up a stud horse and threatened to not come home if we didn't have running water) and finally had running water to the house and horses. (for the first three months Jeremy pumped water out of the creek and into a big tank on the back of the truck to water the horses. He also filled a storage tank on the front lawn to fill my buckets that I used to flush the toilet and do the dishes. Oh I also used to heat up water on the oven to make Sage's bath. I sure wish I had pictures but I had the coolest metal, square planter thingy I would bathe her in next to the fireplace. It was so cute.) No more pumping water out of the creek to water the horses. We also had another surprise when we found out we were expecting another addition to our family.
In April three of our mare foaled.
In May we found out our little surprise is a boy. We branded our calves and our last mare foaled.
By the end of June with the help of some really great friends we had our arena up.
Come July just as we were loading up our horses after a day of gathering for Cenntenial Livestock we got a phone call that our pasture in Tehachapi was on fire. We lost the entire pasture. Mostly all of it was burned and the fence we worked so hard to repair had been ripped down by the bull dozers and other equipment coming in to put it out. Thankfully we didn't loose any animals. We caught my mustang mare halfway to Mojave and gathered the cattle in the coming days and got them moved here. Jeremy had started working for the Loop Ranch in Keene. My dad helped us get the solar panels, batteries and inverter installed. We got some trees and plants in the ground.
In August we were asked to judge the rodeo queen competition in Tehachapi. We had a blast! Sage rode her pony, Star in the Mountain Festival Parade. She was even waving in her sleep! We got our internet connection up and running. Wow! Connected to the outside! Sometimes good and sometimes not. George, Jeremy's dad came to live on the ranch.
September we lost Jeremy's grandmother. We also celebrated our anniversary. Jeremy laid all new pipe for our propane system so now we had hot water!!! (I will never forget my first hot shower here!)
October came and so did Steele.
(we joke and say he was our "cause it was a cold winter baby")
November was here and seemed busier than ever for Jeremy and out business. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here at the ranch. That night we had an awful windstorm that brought down several trees. Thankfully only the old Ford was grazed by one of them but that was the worst of the damage.
Awwwwww, I must have gotten busy come December cause there was nothing more...............
hope you all enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me.
I had better get back to some picture now since I am backed up with fun stuff to share!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where were we?

So there I was...........just kidding.
If you haven't read the previous post "digging up bones" you might want to start there so your not starting in the middle of the story.
So after our first branding we turned the cattle out on the pasture in Tehachapi. Like I said there was no water on the property so we got an account with Teh-Cummings water district and filled a tank that we hauled behind our truck. The fill station was only about a mile down the road so it wasn't too bad but we still had to drive from home which at the time was about 25 miles. Seems like nothing now. Usually Jeremy would water them on the way home from work since it needed to be done just about every other day. Sometimes I would get off work early and he was working late so I would do it. I can't remember where he was but I should tell you about the day I filled it up all proud of myself that I had gotten the freaking thing hooked up by my self and driven it down the road, got it backed in and filled. Feeling all triumpant I pull out of the place and onto a pretty busy road to look in the rear view mirror and watch the hitch of the water trailer go up in the air and shrink in the mirror as I drove away. Apparently I hadn't gotten it hooked up as well as I thought and the damn thing was now in the middle of the road full of water with the hitch saluting the sky. I swear I just wanted to keep driving and pretend some other idiot had done it but no, I went back and was paniced trying to figure out what on earth to do. When I hear an approaching tractor.........thank God!!! Out of the ranch next to the water place is two chicks on a John Deere coming to my rescue! I did happen to get a picture of it that I will have to find someday. Those gals got to work and had it righted and pushed off to the side of the road in no time.
As time went on Jeremy was getting more and more restless with his job with the windmills and along comes Blah Ranch (name changed so I don't get sued) offering him a job riding horses through their sale as well as keeping them going between sales. We had talked about it and made a deal with them about how much money it would take to get him to quit his "real job" and they agreed! We couldn't believe someone was going to pay him what they did to ride. Of course he would have a 90 probationary time and that is where they got us. After 90 days, which in the end we were both glad for, they laid him off. It was a bunch of horsetraders and Jeremy wouldn't lie to sell a horse so I am sure that is the demise of that. I hated the whole thing. I thought they were crooks. I will never forget that day. It was Halloween come to think of it. Sage was just a baby, not even a year old yet. Looking back we know it was just a vehicle to get him to jump off the diving board and ride outside horses for himself. Not someone's jockey boy but his own boss. We came together and put the word out. My friend Angie, who still helps me today, helped me get the website together. I ran all over town putting up flyers. And away we went. I have never hung another flyer since then. Jeremy set out building his arena and a better roundpen. He had to transform our little place to accomadate all the horses that would come. We planted trees at that little house that we didn't own. It was quite a cozy deal. That went on for almost exactly a year when Jeremy took in a horse called Min. Alot of you probably know the horse as we still have her. She is how we came to be here. I was home with the flu that day. Jeremy comes home and insists we need to go and see this place. So the next morning, without even a how are you feeling sweetie, away we go. We drove to the end of the pavement and kept going several miles up into the foothills. The whole way I am thinking he has got to be out of his mind. All there was was desert!!! Through several locked gates we come to the ranch entrance. I was still not impressed. Another mile of bumpy dirt road and we come up to the house. Well, not quite all the way up to it as the driveway was covered in downed trees. The house was cute, built in 1885 but badly in need of a roof. A window was broken and the house was full of mouse and rat poop. There was a couple of beds and couches still in the place. A dining room table. Enough to have some shine through the dust.............I was starting to fall for it. Outside was a wreck as well with all the fallen trees from years of neglect. The house had sat vacant for several years before we arrived and fell for it. Did I mention there is no conventional power here or phone lines?
After some thinking on it and trying to figure out if we could make a go of it here ( Ithink it was always a done deal) we set out cleaning and repairing it. With all the time we were spending driving back and forth things were getting neglected at out other place. So we made it sort of liveable and jumped right in.
Dead of Winter.
January 5th, 2005.
Thank God it snowed that night of we would have burnt the place down. I will tell that story when I rest my hands, I am not used to all this typing................
The letter from the first year here to come in the morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Diggin up bones........

As I started looking for the records Jeremy was asking for I have stumbled upon tons of treasures. Of course now I have an even bigger mess to put back away and I am not that organized to begin with!
I must have wanted to write one of those cool Christmas cards that a person tells everything that has been happening in their family the year leading up to Christmas. I hate to admit it but I never got it done apparently and I had forgotten I even had done it. Must have been the newborn baby I had all during that first year here on the Broken Arrow Ranch. For those of you not familar I should paint the picture so you can understand the letter better. My husband is a dreamer, The End. Just kidding, about the end part. Jeremy is a dreamer, and I love it but it still stresses me out sometimes. I am the get it done part of our equation. Not that he doesn't get it done, he surely does. He is the hardest worker I know and never complains. Me on the other hand, well I have stopped threatening to move back to town just this last year! Anyway, he has always wanted to cowboy. He has worked on a few different local outfits after a brief stint of trying to continue his rodeo career in Arkansas. At the urging of his Mom (thank goodness for that cause that is ultimately how we met) he got a job at the local windmill company. I call it his "real job". That lasted seven years and at the end he was operating the crane and hearing constantly about layoffs that were coming. He was going crazy with sitting in a crane all day watching other peoples cows graze the hillside and feeling like he would always have to work for someone else. Sitting in a crane all day provides alot of time to think and he was becoming restless. A couple years into out marriage we found a lease in Tehachapi to have a herd of cows of our own. Of course there was no water there, we would have to haul water in and the fencing on the entire 222 acres needed repair. We set out fixing fence every night after work along with the help of some of his friends from work that would occasionally stop and help as they would drive by and see us. I will never see an Arizona Cypress the same again. The whole one side of the property was lined with them and over the years of not being taken care of they were growing out of control and all over the fence line we were needing to put back up. My job was to throw the tree branches over the fence as Jeremy would cut them. I swear everytime I would throw one a branch on the end of it would grab me and tear up my back. I never cussed before that.
I have to run down to the gate to let some clients in so this will continue later..................
Ahhhh, I am back now. Where was I?
It was funny the ridicule we suffered from people that, looking back now were jealous. Fixing all that fence on property that we didn't own.........blah blah blah. There isn't even water there........yada yada yada. If you want something bad enough you bust your ass for it. Plain and simple. No, we didn't own it but it was a beginning of a dream. A small price to pay to run your own herd these days. Especially being as we didn't come from ranching families with the family place worked down to us. We pulled it together. Our blood, sweat and tears. And let me tell you sitting here in the position we are now, I am sure there will be more. I shouldn't go into the downfall of society in this story but I truly believe that is part of what is wrong with this great country. People thinking something is owed to them and should be freely given away. A sense of entitlement because maybe their parents didn't have it so good when they were kids and they think they are giving their kids a better life by making it easy on them. Nothing worth having comes easy. Honestly, I can't believe I am sitting here writing those words after all we have had to do to get to this modest position in life. But it only makes it more worth having.
Soooooo back to the story. We purchased our starter herd in 2003 with eight cows. We had just barely finished the pasture in Tehachapi so we brought them to our little house we rented in Rosamond. I must have been a nightmare to the landlord. As we grew we just kept claiming more space on the land. We needed to brand them before we just set them out on the pasture so we planned the branding before we even had out registration in our hands. It was still in the mail. I never liked playing by the rules anyhow. We were too poor to want to feed them for too long and we wanted them out on the pasture. I remember that first branding like it was yesterday. We had a bunch of our family and friend there to help us. They were big cows so mostly we used a chute. I was looking aat a photo album from that day and saw myself dallied off to a calf riding a horse of Jeremy's and it hit me. I think that was the very first time I had ever roped anything and dallied before in my life. I guess that is a good trait to have in this life, not afraid to jump in and get a job done. I lived. The calf lived. And so did the horse. Something was said about my roping the other day and why don't I come out and rope with them on the practice days............puhleez I said who needs practice. The bunch of buttheads. I am just lucky to survive this place much less add more danger into the equation. Jeez, I am getting way off tract with my original story and didn't really intend to get this involved. Well, I am entered up now so I will have to post the letter in its own post and continue the lead up later.

Monday, November 2, 2009


As we were out chasing down dirtbikers that drove right down into our property yesterday we get a phone call from a lady that was looking to buy a horse that Jeremy had in training some time ago. She wanted to know about him and for once Jeremy couldn't remeber the horse and I did. So when I finally remind him enough that the lights start going off for him he calls the gal back to tell her what he can remember. I remember him liking the horse, well there really isn't too many he doesn't like. Anyhow, it has now progressed to him wanting me to pull out the paperwork on the horse to remind him how long it was here and such. In looking for that paperwork I stumbled across an email we received from someone we have never met after the Extreme Mustang Makeover. I teared up the first time I read it and I still did tonight. It just makes me proud I guess but I hope you don't mind me sharing it and bragging just a little. We won't tell much as I tease him about getting a big head it really embarasses him. He is a humble man.
It reads:
I was pleased to sit next to yourlongtime friends, Diane and her neighbor. As we sat and watched the brilliant performances today I noticed some reoccuring tendencies.
tight reins, lack of softness and responsiveness, tail ringing from excessive leg aides, lack of emotional development and over correcting or rushing through the obstacles by riders.
I noted too that none of these faults was exhibited by you or your horse. perhaps these are only a few of the reasons you were in the top ten. I had hoped, prayed and believed that my friend Steve Smith too would have made it into the top ten, but it was not to be, he was one of the 38 disqualified in the groundwork. After his disqualifacation Steve was no longer in the running for the top ten so even tho I cheered for him, I cheered for you too from that point onward- I appreciated your preparation which lead to your ultimate safety and success. Thank you for an inspiring performance, an illuminating lesson in quietness and a splendid moment I shared with your extended family that will last me a LIFETIME!
finally as a last thought, I am not easily impressed since I am an old geezer, but (Brandie inserting here-okay this part really gets me) but youngman, with you I was impressed.
grace and truth, and she signed her name.

with this darn internet weirdness I probably shouldn't include her name. But from the both of us a very Sincere Thank You, for letting us know how you felt. It means alot. I did write her back at the time and tell her so. And thank you now, readers for letting me share this proud moment with you before I stuff the letter back into the file cabinet.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

More halloween pictures

How do you like his pullstring?! That was his personal touch that brought the costume all together. Love the back view!

Okay is all of us together. I had a pettycoat under the dress that came with the costume. I swear I took out several small children when the crowd got thick in the church. So last night for the door to door trick or treating I left it off. Not to mention I wouldn't have fit in our car with it much less be able to drive!

I just loved this picture. I think this is what wore us out on Friday at the church. While it was very cute, tons of kids wanted pictures with either Jeremy or I. I worked so hard to make out costumes so neat, it must of worked! Being a girl that would rather not be in the spotlight or the center of attention I kind of kicked my own butt. Please remind me next year to not wear a huge pink dress with an even bigger silver sparkly crown! Oops...........
Jeremy on the other hand is used to the attention and handles it much better. This little boy was just dying to have his picture with Woody. I think it is so funny the looks on our kids' faces. Sage was so proud to share her Daddy and look on while they took a picture. While Steele was looking at this kid wondering why he wanted a picture of his Daddy. It was a fun weekend and we are taking today to rest and do nothing............well I might move the huge entertainment cabinet upstairs to our bedroom to use as a closet. You should see the look of excitement on Jeremy's face when I mentioned it.