Saturday, December 3, 2011


So life has continued to be a whirlwind. A couple of weeks ago we brought in the cattle and sorted out some we wanted to sell so that we didn't have to look after them through the winter. I held back about a dozen steers to sell next year for grassfed beef. Of course there were severall things to deal with. We tagged a few of the calves and will have to brand them soon. We really need to start pulling the bulls out so we have a regular calving season. Even though this is California we still get some crazy weather in the winter.
The kids are in full swing with their homeschooling work and really are getting into a great routine together. This is the first year they seem to be working in sync really well. Of course I am still chained to the table with them to help along and read text book sections. Meaning I cannot clean the corrals and see my animals.....It seems like I hardly get out of the house during the week unless we go to town. Speaking of town, thank goodness soccer is over! As stinking adorable as Sage was playing it was pretty taxing getting her to practice twice a week and then a game every Saturday. Her first year was full of fun. She had a great coach and met alot of really neat girls. She even got to have one over to the ranch as Steele buddyied up with the girl's brother and they came to his birthday shooting party. It was really fun for Sage to get to share our lives with her.
Back to some news about my animals....a mare of ours went missing. The smaller of the two wild herds had started coming down lower and lower. Well you can do the math....she is most likely pregnant. She finally showed up a couple days later pretty beat up as well. She is in a corral now and we have some friends that have expressed an interest in the foal if she is in fact pregnant. I should sell raffle tickets for the darn thing. I will haul her in to work one day soon and have her checked. There is just hardly any spare time for anything extra.
On that note we finally found the time to trade in our Jeep. Following the advice of our mechanic/friend we found a used Toyota 4runner. We absolutely love that car! We even checked cows tonight and it handled great. It is much nicer and I am feeling pretty spoiled. Hopefully we won't tear it up to bad!
The windmill project out here is in full swing and we are just hating it. Everyday except Sunday we can hear the heavy equipment making huge roads all over the hillside. There is even going to be one just over the hill so it will most likely be visable from the house.... :(
Until next time.......