Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween kiddos

I haven't decided if you all get to see me in my costume or was fun though but I promised Jeremy I would not make him dress up next year. Wait, I think I said that to him last year..............oh well.
My camera is still down in the car so this will have to do for now. I took this picture last night right before we went into the harvest festival at the church in Lancaster. I have to say they are the cutest little Dorothy and Buzz Lightyear I have ever seen!

Friday, October 30, 2009

For reference

We need your vote!!!

So for halloween Steele decided all on his own he wanted to be Buzz LIghtyear from Toy Story. I joked and said Jeremy would make a perfect Woody. From there it has just snowballed and being the sweet man he is he has let me run with it. I think he is just glad I am not trying to make him wear the big bad wolf costume again. I absolutely positively will get you pictures of that sometime. The pictures I cannot cross the line and show you are of him in the Spiderman outfit. His whole package was exposed under the was hilarious. I got a picture while he was feeding the horses before we were going to leave and he insisted he would not go to town like that and put jeans on under it. killjoy. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I need your help. We didn't have the exact shirt Woody should wear but we have these two pictured below. Which one would work better? I have changed the options and have allowed aynomous comments so those of you that cannot remember your password or don't have an account can leave comments just for the day or two. Thanks a million!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

There killing me Larry.........

So this morning my cute, sweet little man comes downstairs stark butt naked. It is probably only about 50 degrees in the house! If that. So I hurry to get him dressed and his birthday outfit from grandma was the only thing downstairs still so I put that on him. He looks SO HANDSOME!!! Sage says "put his wild rag on him" so I did and grabbed the camera..........some days it just works out that you can get a good picture. Normally he is sticking his tongue out at me but today he smiled and got on his horse for me. What an angel! I think he was pretty proud to wear it for grandma too since she is coming out this morning.

Boots and all! Thank you Grandma!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy kiddos

I know I have said this before but can this girl get any cuter?!?! Can you see the change in her smile? I think she will be able to sing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth now!
First thing she did when Daddy pulled it was start trying to whistle and spit all over us!
This is another Birthday picture of my little man. He got a helicopter that really flys. I think a certain somebody really wanted to play with it himself but that is just our little secret, umkay.

My girls

My friend Angie took this picture of us while we were riding last Friday.
We went so far that my little shorty dog got tired and kept trying to hitch a ride. And well, I spoil the piss out of her and she knows it. My Poco horse on the other hand is starting to feel like my left arm. I sure have been impressed with her. You should have seen the canyon we decided to go and explore and she went without any fuss, sliding on her rear most of the way. We had to get off to get back out it was so rugged. She never got upset or wanted to rush and run over the top of me. I just love that horse! Angie's mare was just as good. I will have to get a picture of her up soon.

Steele Cameron's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Steele's 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese's last night. He had the best time with his friends and family. He rode a ton of rides and played all the games. He is the sweetest baby boy ever ever. And I had to inform him he is still my baby boy.
I don't know what the little rascal was whispering in Grandpa's ear but I thought it was cuter than crap. He was so darn cute yesterday, taking in every moment of his party. I love that about him. He will savor every moment of something, checking everything out one at a time. I can't believe he didn't climb under the table when Chucky came out, I would have when I was a kid. I used to get so embarassed and hated being the center of attention.

We were singing to him, can you believe that sweet face?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Handful of Nuts

Seriously............can you think of a better title for this picture?! I think I have this very calf's nutsack stretched over a broom handle. Have you ever heard a three year old say "watch out for Mommy's nut sack!"?
Priceless I tell ya, priceless.

What Jeremy was up to.

This is What. Yes, that is her name. She is the other half of other Fjord/Quarter cross that Jeremy just had in training. Poor guy, having to deal with us speeding around on the ranger while he is just stepping up on this mare. I am going to try and be better about putting up pictures of all the training horses here. We have four here at the moment. There, now you can keep track and make me own up with pictures of them!

Some of today's adventures

We needed alittle fresh air today. We had been in the house all morning cleaning up and working on homeschooling work and we just needed a break.

Jeremy was out working horses and we hopped on the ranger and driving over to see him. I wanted to let him know I was thinking of heading to town to look for the rest of his halloween costume (you will have to wait and see!) and look for a couple of desks for the kids so we can be more organized and productive. A couple of days ago while Angie and I were riding I noticed the dogs came out of the creek wet. It has been dry for quite some time now. Well, the kids and I thought we should check it out! Sure enough! It's running, not all the way down to the house but it was running pretty good where we were.

This is the view looking south from where we were on the property. If the picture is blown up you can see the house. At the top right of the picture you can see the horse trail that runs behind the house.

Here is an indian rock we saw. Kind of like a field trip without leaving home!

Lessons on Thursday cont.......

This guy came out of WY and is having some issues picking up his hind feet. I swear, having Jeremy right here at my disposal I should pay attention better. He continually reminds me to just slow the heck down. Don't ask so much so quick and in the long run it will come and better.
This is my friend Angie that spent some time here with us and we just had a darn blast!
That is her mare, Poppy. Isn't she purty?!

This is..........okay fine I won't go there. I think what he was doing was showing Brigid how he likes to tie the hobbles on. I am thinking there could be many uses for that........
oh shoot, I said I wasn't going to go there!

I just had to include this picture cause I can. Jeremy brought along Flash, a colt we have raised. He is really working out nice. And Jeremy just loves him. I didn't get pictures of everyone that had lessons that day because I had to run errands and do some shopping during part of the day. When you live this far from town you try and do as much as possible while your out.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

When country goes to town!

I am sorry but we all thought this was oddly hilarious.
My cowboy drinking a Starbucks coffee.

Pretty is as pretty does......

Jeremy gave lessons all day on Thursday in Palmdale. Our friend Brigid so kindly opens her place to us and we are able to offer a central location for people to get to us easier.
I can't remember this horse's name but I remember asking her how he went for her when I saw him in the corral waiting. I don't know what it is but everytime I see a pretty paint I kinda think they might be a brat. This one didn't disappoint that theory!

He was a nice horse and did have some training but he has learned to run the show and is a touch spoiled.

He decided he didn't want any of those freaking wheaties and worked on getting along instead of running the show. You sure couldn't show too much thanks when he did give you something though or he was right back to being full of himself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sage and I have been trying to be good about homeschooling and get into a routine. Interesting concept when you have a very rowdy three year old running around the house. Now that Jeremy is back to work he cannot take him outside with him all the time and I must find a way to manage. This has not been easy to do since the minute I walk away from Sage she is dinking off and not focusing on what she needs to do. In another sense it is good because she needs to learn to work without me constantly on her, independently. Steele has been learning that I will not chase after his every whim and come every time he hollars. He is a smart little turd and has been finding passive ways around this. Like just yesterday when I wasn't answering to his beckoned calls he ever so quietly let his bloody nose drip in a nice little pattern all over the rug before telling me that is was bleeding. Never made a sound until his pattern was completed. Another passive note he has been throwing is to drag every last toy downstairs and let me clean it up. He also has taken complete control over the tv and changes the disk nine thousand times leaving all of the movies scratched and without a case. All of these things have led me to try and maintain some sort of order in the house again. I have implemented new rules with both kids, one of them being that they are no longer to touch the tv or dvd player. I am even thinking of making up a list of the movies and having them "check out" the movie they want. Trying to find this balance has been pretty difficult.
Steele comes to me today with the remote control in his hand wanting to know which button to press to turn up the tv. I calmly remind him that he is not supposed to be touching the remote but he insists that he just wants to know what button it is. I tell him and stupidly tell him to put it back on the tv (I didn't want to get up again and interupt what Sage and I had going.). Again stupidly I tell him "you better do as you say cause God knows when you tell I lie". Thinking all was well I hear Sage mutter under her breathe "He didn't know when I lied."

Monday, October 19, 2009

My little cowgirl and her Chico

This was the first picture I took yesterday morning. I didn't get to take too many on Saturday when we gathered since I was RIDING!!! Did I mention I love that horse of mine?

Here is some more of my girl cause I think she is so darn cute roping like she has done it everyday of her life.

"Can I rope you Dad?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Branding pictures from today

So my dear friend came to visit us all the way from Oregon, brought a horse with her even to help us brand. We have had a blast the last two days gathering and branding. I rode Poco, a mare we raised out of our stock. I had her for sale on our website but you couldn't give me a million dollars now. That little girl impressed me time and time again. She would go up anything I pointed her at, leave the other horses clearing canyons without raising a fuss, crash through bushes without hesitating, never spooky or silly, ever. I just love her. Oh yeah and my sidekick Priss in the saddle with us. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?!

Here is Poco holding with Jeremy on her. We had a heck of a ground crew with Paul, and our friends Kathy and Jimmy. And holding the other end is my friend Angie and her tank of a mare Poppy.

Here is a picture of Angie and I before we got to work!

Here is the highlight of my day. My girlie pie roping from her horse for the first time. There is not enough I can say to tell you how stinking proud of this girl and her horse I am. I will have to let the picture do the talking. Aren't they the darn cutest!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I couldn't resist this one.....

I have been so busy the last few days.........I am sure you can tell from the lack of post here. One of my projects I did was rearrange our bedroom so that our bed was not against the north window anymore. The wind comes howling out of the north and down through this canyon. We really need to do some work on that side of the house but for now that is not going to happen. Some days it feels like the wind just come right through that wall. It is much better now and not so drafty with our bed moved. Anyhow, I have my wedding dress and vail in a box in my room and in rearranging Sage saw it and bugged me all day for me to let her try it on. Finally at the end of the day when I was done with moving everything I got it out for her.
How sweet is she?! I can't believe what a sweet and kind daughter I got. I am a lucky girl.

The pumpkins!

Here are the pumpkins we created Sunday after our great day on Saturday picking them out. The kids each picked out what they wanted them to look like. Well, truth be told Sage wanted a Turkey on hers. She is just like her dad, wants everything elaborate! Silly girl, she settled for this one. Hers is on the left. The one on the right is Steele's.

Here is my proud boy with his pumpkin. Is that the funniest smile?!

Jeremy carved my pumpkin for me. I just can't sit still for that. I was busy cleaning up the mess behind the kids and washing their hands before they painted the living room with pumpkin guts. I told Jeremy to do whatever he wanted with it and he knows how much I like July 4th and red white and blue so he put a flag on it. Cute huh?!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Know where your meat is coming from!!!

For some reason for me to feel productive I have to have 48 irons in the fire. Well, I don't think having the irons in the fire makes me feel productive...........okay well maybe making the 48 irons into something makes me feel productive.
The last couple of days my mind has been flying. I have changed Sage's homeschool program and now she has enrichment classes one day per week. I am searching, checking into a preschool for Steele just to give him an outlet. Jeremy is back to work riding outside horses. I feel like life is rolling again. Somewhat. A couple of weeks ago a friend butchered a steer that he had bought from us and we sold the meat for so much per pound on the hoof. We managed to get lucky and try some of the ground beef. I really wanted to taste home raised beef as opposed to grocery store beef. I figured if the ground beef was good then the rest had to be good. And let me tell you, my little ranch raised daughter falls to the floor at the sight of me cooking ground beef from the store and refuses to eat it. So I beg her to try the home raised meat, promising her it is going to be different. I am here to say the little rug rat ate every bit and wanted more. We had just made it into patties and used very little garlic salt to season it so that we could get the full effect of it. I am not ever going to buy that dye injected, hormone, bateria laden crap from the store AGAIN!!! I am checking into freezers to use here on the ranch since we are off the grid and must produce our own power. I have found some but will keep searching since our new business venture will require something as well as our own use. The new business venture you ask?! This little taste test of mine has got my mind reeling. Why on earth would we even be putting something into our bodies that we don't know where it has come from and what was put on/into it? I have done some research on this handy internet and found that other people are doing similar things. If all goes to plan we intend to start selling shares in our steers for others to enjoy range ran grass fed beef. I have not worked out all the particulars yet and am still doing some searching for information but it would be cut, packaged and most likely frozen already. I am so excited at the prospect of our family even having fresh beef I can't sleep. Well and the other million ideas floating in my head.............
Later this week we are heading to Tehachapi to pick apples and pumpkins for making cakes and pies! Next year I am going to have a heck of a garden and I will be canning it this time next year! I think I may even look into a milk cow. We already have chickens.
I want to know where my food is coming from!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picking out our pumpkins!!!

On Saturday Grandpa wanted to go to the pumpkin patch and get the kids their pumpkins. He looks forward to this stuff all week and so had I. I just love Fall. It was a perfectly beautiful day. The Tapias had the place decorated so cute. The kids had so much fun.

And then it was time for Steele's first "real" haircut. This is before and the after picture was so blurry cause he loved it so much he wouldn't hold still............I just love that handsome little rascal!

I had one request, I wanted a family picture at the pumpkin patch. And I got it!
Doesn't it seem like when you really want something it just doesn't work out? Just as we were heading out to pay for our pumpkins I scream "Wait!!! I need a picture of us!!!" We ran over and sat under this tree, the kids held their pumpkins and there it was. My beautiful picture!
I love it, we had a wonderful day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oops.....It's an Alamar Knot

It is not the best picture but it is there. The Alamar Knot. It graces all corners of the ranch. Anywhere he can justify one you will find it.
Kind of like the corn he grew all over the place just cause he could.
There is no reasonable explaination other than that.
Oh and just in case your wondering our good friend Freddy made that sign for Jeremy for his birthday quite a few years ago.
In case you can't read spanish it says
"Corrals over the rainbow"

Working on the tack room

This is the tack room that is across the creek by the arena. Do you notice anything that repeats itself in this picture?

Okay, fine I will tell ya. You have to look real close but my husband like to tie knots. I am not kidding, if there is baling twine, a wad of horsehair, leather strips, anything he can tie he will make some sort of something out of it. I think it is called the fiador knot he puts them on everything, I will check with him when he comes in but right now he is too busy putting a new roof on this tack room that he through up last year. You see we had a special visitor last year about this time (we are missing you Martin!) and he really wanted his gear to have a place to be properly hung up. See we don't like to rush into things around here and usually there is some sort of deadline that makes us complete (or sort of) projects.

There was a big sale at Harbor Freight in town last weekend and my dad must kinda likes Jeremy or something because he found a solar panel kit in the sale flyer and wanted to get it for him so he could put lights out on his arena. Would have been handy last Spring when we were branding some cattle into the pitch dark hours when I distinctly remember having to play ground crew in my nice jeans, of which I usually only have one pair at a time. Oops, that kinda resembles whining doesn't it? Ah well anyhow, the solar panels must be mounted on a high spot and this roof has been elected. First he must reinforce it and repair it and all that good jazz.

The kids headed out to the creek to collect rocks for their rock store that will be located on the tack room porch much to Jeremy's delight........
Steele got tired trying to carry a bucket full of rocks (insert snickering from Momma here!) and decided to sit down in his bucket. Priss just loves the kids and takes any chance to maul him.

See that hill in the background. This morning that is where a lone coyote stood casing the joint. Jeremy and Steele were in town picking up a few things while Sage and I were here. I went out to see what the dogs were barking at and there he was. Jesse, our one eyed dog is the only one smart enough to do anything about it while the other idiots just stood around barking. I yelled at him a few times but you must realize the house is pretty far across the creek from here and he kinda just gave me the finger and kept looking for something to eat. So I decided I had better do something about it. The only gun that was here that I am comfortable with was Jeremy's .45 so I come running in the house to grab it, meanwhile Sage is watching Swan Lake, she barely looks up to see I am leaving the house with a gun to say "what are you doing Mom?" I head out to the driveway and fire a shot into the hillside just to scare him off. He was way too far to shoot with that gun and besides I just can't do it unless I actually caught him doing something. I comfort all the sissy dogs that are now cowering on the porch under chairs and come back in the house to put the gun away and take notice that Sage hasn't even taken her eyes off of her movie. I guess it is just another day around the ranch to her!