Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running free.........

I came home from Sage's enrichment classes yesterday to find our horses over the hill where they really shouldn't be. I guess nobody told them that. We were checking cows and counting calves when we happened upon them. I got the camera of course and got out of the car and hollared to them that they shouldn't be out here. They perked up their ears and then took off running for home. Out in the lead is Min with Flash behind her, Itchy the grey filly, Poco in the middle, Sam the dun gelding on the for sale page of our website and Poco's momma Cat behind. Home is just beyond the first knoll and they knew they were in trouble. It is sure a spectacular site to see them be able to run free like this. I think I am going to blow up this picture and hang it on the wall.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry I don't always have the time to write with my pictures, but it is so. This is what we pulled up and saw yesterday afternoon when we got home from Jeremy's granddad's funeral. We had checked cows also and were excited to see lots of calves.
And then these bunch of hooligans. This is right where I parked my car. You can also see our solar panels on the hill.

Jeremy had headed down to feed so they all came running down off the hill and promptly found this gate open. What is it with open gates. The have a hundred acres or more to run on and they find an open gate and they just have to try and sneak through.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010


Can you believe this is Poco's little sis?

She sure looks alot like her daddy!
Wowzers she is pretty if I do say so myself!
Thanks a million times over Leslie for keeping me updated!

I got nothing today.....

I haven't got any cool fun news........
We have just been busy with regular stuff. Clinics, lessons, me working with the vet. The never ending list of errands that comes with this place.
I thought this picture was funny cause a couple weeks ago I kept freaking out on Jeremy about the house smelling like smoke.
I was just sure the chimney needed to be cleaned. So in order to expedite my husband on some projects that he may............lets just say
"have his feet stuck in the mud"
I start taking things apart and threatening to do it myself.
So the picture speaks for itself as you can see his horse that he was riding tied up in the background and him on the roof getting it done finally.
I cleaned the pipes on the inside and I can report it is much better!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Agua Dulce Progressive clinic

Buffy and Lil Joe. Isn't he cute? Just a big fluff ball. I am going to have to ask her to stop bathing him so Jeremy's horses don't look so dirty in contrast!

A group shot from the morning. As the day goes on there is no telling what I am doing so I don't always get a riding group shot. I wait, I remember what I was doing...........going to help pull a lamb and doctor a sheep. The fun never ends. Pictures of the bummer lamb to come.

Christy and her mare that did really well. She was one of the favorites of this clinic.
That continues on Jeremy and I's dialect on the way home. I always ask him "what was the highlight of your day?" and "which was your favorite horse?" besides his own of course.
Brigid and her mare Derby. I am sure I have said this before but guess who her daddy is? No not Brigid's!!! Derby's! My Cody boy! Doesn't she look nice and soft?!
Buffy and Lil Joe, but I am thinking she is going to have to start calling him
Big Joe soon!

Last but not least Jeremy and Flash. Did you notice the hobbles hanging from the saddle?
Flash is also wearing the first bosal Jeremy has ever made. He rode real nice in it and if I have to hear about how much he likes that horse again............

Lessons in Agoura

Why no, my son is not in a kennel! Why do you ask???

Our sweet Mary...........

We aren't in Kansas anymore Toto.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I have the best rascals ever!

Janine's mustang for the Extreme Mustang Challenge in Norco

I think that's him!
Today we went and picked up a mustang for our friend Janine. She is signed up for the Mustang Makeover Challenge in Norco. It was sure fun to get to go with her and help bring her kiddo home. She plans to start a blog of her progress and as soon as she does I will post the link here. I want her to have the biggest fan club! That sure was part of the fun for us.

Sorry the picture is crappy but it was the best my little
point and shoot camera could do into the sun.............
That is her guy. We all agreed he is pretty cute. A bit small but still a good looker.
And would you check out that forelock?!

Meanwhile our friend Patti was cozying up with this big black fellow.
He is part of the competition and has a trainer assigned to him. We will have to watch him and see how he turns out but I think he is going to be a nice one.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Open Gates

I can't believe I finally got this darn picture loaded. I had it on my facebook page. It is from the last storm we had. I worked everyday that week and if it wasn't raining it was snowing when I would leave the ranch. To leave you have four gates you must open AND close, one way. It is a 7 mile journey to even hit pavement and 25 miles to the closest town. Which is where the doc lives and where I most often meet him for work. I got a bit lazy and left one gate open knowing I would be back rather quickly. Well, darn if I didn't come home in the dark and find there were tons of cattle tracks............
DANG! One gate.......for a couple of hours!
The next day I was on the way home when I spotted the culprits and wandered over to take their picture so I could confirm with Jeremy which ones were out. Or in. However you want to look at it. They weren't where they should be.
I posted this picture and everyone loved it. I tried and tried to get it to load here and it just wouldn't work out for me.
Tonight everything aligned just right and it loaded.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Pokey

I am sitting up waiting on Jeremy tonight as I write this. He is braiding his first bosal with the hides he saved and cut into strips himself, from the steers we just butchered. I posted these pictures days ago and never wrote anything so since I am bored I figured now is the time!
Yes, that is my Poco I am riding. I wore her plum out that day. Jeremy and I had to finish cleaning up the mess from a couple of weeks ago when I left the gate open. We called our dear friend Diana to hang with the kids and we headed out. We were done within the first two hours and just decided to keep riding. Check some calves or something. In this picture we heard dirtbikers and were running to catch up to where they would come out. All day long we did that. They were everywhere! It didn't take long before the colts were getting kind of amped up when the heard the engines, waiting for our cues to take off running again! It was pretty funny. I told Jeremy he could use it as a new technique on getting horses over being spooked of them. Track em like cows..........I doubt it will take off!
We played in the snow, just cause we could. The dogs looked like they were having too much fun I though I would join them. Jeremy even shot off of his horse and neither one of the horses thought anything of it. I love a good old ranch raised colt!
Prissy got into a ton of trouble when she took off after a jack rabbit and would not listen when I was screaming at her to come back. We were heading for home by then and the horses thought we were more than cruel when we had to head the other way running again after the darn dog. I am pretty sure Flash's little habit of running off is cured! He was begging to quit running!
I thought I was never going to see my dog again! I think I love that darn dog too much!

Playin...........kind of